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Belkyra® for Double Chin

Belkyra has quickly become a popular non-surgical treatment for submental fat, or the dreaded double chin, since its approval by the FDA in 2015.It Rating around 80%, many people are finding it a viable option to liposuction for this hard-to-treat area.

How does it work?

Belkyra is injected under the chin and destroys fat cells with deoxycholic acid, a substance that is also made in the body. Once the cells are destroyed, the body naturally flushes them out.

If you're looking for an effective non-surgical treatment to reduce a double chin, Belkyra might be for you.

What is Belkyra ?

Belkyra is an FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment that is injected to destroy fat cells under the chin. The treatment is not intended for significant weight loss, but for treating the double chin, an area known for being resistant to diet and exercise.

Is Belkyra right for me?

As with any treatment, it's best to see a certified provider to determine if Belkyra is a good treatment for you. Providers are finding that it is a viable option for adults at a healthy weight with skin that isn't too loose who are looking to treat stubborn fat under their chins.

How much does Belkyra cost?

The average cost of Belkyra depends on factors like the number of treatments needed and geographic location. A vial of Belkyra costs $600 or more, and more than one vial may be used for each treatment. Most people may need 2-6 treatments depending on the severity of the submental fat pad.

People researching Belkyra often wonder why the injectable treatment costs more than they'd expect. It is important to understand that Belkyra permanently dissolves the fat cells.

What happens during and after a Belkyra treatment?

Belkyra treatments are fairly straightforward. After your provider determines if you are a good candidate, they will likely ice or slightly numb the area before the treatment. Belkyra comes with a small dotted grid to mark the injection spots, which your provider will apply to your under-chin area, marking the safe areas to be treated, before injecting the solution. Some patients might feel a slight burning sensation, but it is temporary. The entire process will likely take less than an hour.

Will Belkyra help sagging neck muscles?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Belkyra is only a treatment for reducing fat under the chin. While some providers have found that it does provide a small amount of skin tightening in the treatment area, it is not a substitute for procedures that target lifting and smoothing the neck.

What happens to the fat after Belkyra ?

Because Belkyra is identical to the deoxycholic acid in your body, which destroys fat cells, once the affected fat cells are killed, they aren't coming back.

Belkyra directs the fat cells to undergo cell death, and the remains of the fat cells are then cleared by your body's immune system, once those cells are gone, they can no longer contribute to storing excess calories.

How long will my results last?

As adults, we don’t produce new fat cells, so the number of cells destroyed and removed from the body remains static. That said, when we gain weight, our fat cells expand. While Belkyra will kill a number of fat cells under your chin, providers recommend maintaining a healthy weight to keep remaining fat cells in the area from expanding.

What are the risks of Belkyra ?

When performed by a qualified provider, Belkyra is very safe. Typical side effects include the aforementioned slight burning upon injection, some bruising, and swelling. These are temporary and should resolve fairly fast.

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